How We Make the Sprays

Obviously before we can make any spray, we first need to know exactly what it’s for. Once we know that, we can work out all the necessary ingredients and write down the recipe. Fiona, who is a qualified kinesiologist, uses two forms of dowsing: her fingers and an arm! Kinesiology is based on the principle that the human body never lies so you can ask it questions and receive an honest answer.

In fact not only do we totally trust the dowsing, but we have another string to our spray making bow. There is additional guidance sent to us when formulating the sprays’ recipes from the energies “Upstairs”. So it is probably more accurate to say, we are the sprays’ midwives, rather than their makers. Our function is to act as the sprays’ agents bringing them into being in the physical world.


The flower essences in the sprays were all made by me (Jenny) during the whole of 2005 using the flowers in the Sound Essences garden. I was instructed to do this, though at the time, I had no idea why. Although I understood that flowers could be made into essences, what the actual healing properties of each particular flower were, I had no idea at all. But I trusted the guidance and dutifully carried on. Of course, as we don’t actually create the recipes by ourselves, we don’t really need to know what flower adds what particular healing property to each spray.


Essential oils are another vital ingredient in the sprays. We have a stock of well over 100 oils, some of which are apparently used in perfume making. A few of them are very obscure oils which took a fair time to resource. There is quite a lot of readable information obtainable about the known healing properties of the more common oils. However, what the effects are when several oils are mixed together and used in the same spray, we have no idea. I believe this is where the extra assistance from our unseen guidance is vital. They are the experts and clearly know exactly what they’re doing. The fact the sprays are made by true experts explains why the sprays are so successful and do the job they’re designed to do. We are merely acting on instructions.

We have chosen Willow water as a carrier for the flower essences and the oils. We selected it for several reasons. To start with it is a totally natural source of water which occurs locally in Flookburgh, Cumbria. It is now produced commercially. Testing has revealed Willow water contains salicin from the willow tree, which is a natural form of aspirin. So Willow water clearly has its own healing properties which we believe enhance those we put into the Sound Essences sprays.

Adding Sound to the Sprays

We have been making sprays with sound in them since 2007 and were probably one of the first companies in the UK to do so. I personally believe sound healing will be the healing of the future. But it’s still in its infancy, a bit of a mystery to understand and slow to take off. But we soldier on! In fact, I have a strong sense sound healing is not new at all. I believe it was used by the ancient Egyptians but, somewhere along the line, the healing properties of sound disappeared into the ether. But they will be back.

To add sound to each spray we place the ingredients a glass bowl which, when sounded, produces the note F sharp. I expect you are wondering why this specific note? Well, there is a very good reason for this choice. When I was in Sedona, Arizona many years ago, I picked up a book written by Jonathan Goldman who has been a sound pioneer for many years. The book just fell open in my hands. What I read in that book was a beautiful piece of synchronicity. It said when anybody has their heart centre touched and opened, by something beautiful or emotionally moving, they always say “Ahhh.” And the heart centre just happens to be associated with the note F. Straight after reading this, a light went on for me. As soon as I arrived home again I went searching for a glass singing bowl which sounded the note F. And this is the bowl we have used to make all our sprays with four exceptions. The celebration spray and the set of three shamanic sprays have been sounded in my quartz crystal singing bowl. This huge bowl, made from quartz crystal, sounds the note C sharp which closely relates to the sound of Mother Earth.


While we are making each spray, we hold the healing intention behind that particular spray during the whole of the making process. In this way, we are adding positive healing energy as an added ingredient. We believe whatever the task you are engaged in, if you feel positive about it, you are adding positive energy to that task which naturally enhances the final product.


We have toiled for many hours over our spray labels. Believe me choosing the best possible image has been a major task. Sometimes we strike lucky and find what we want straight away. At other times, we labour for hours and have to return to the task more than once. We tend to avoid using images of people but we love our animals! The abstract qualities like Forgiveness, Truly Me and Unity have been quite taxing. The labels are all added by hand.