About Sound Essences


In August 2004 Fiona and I (Jenny) both had new and separate experiences which formed the foundation for Sound Essences. Fiona was inspired to create a range of sprays for a fellow therapist to use during massage sessions with clients. She used various existing flower essences and essential oils mixed with water to create several sprays.

In the same month Fran and I had a therapists’ meeting in our house. We discussed the amazing work of Dr Masaru Emoto. As therapists, we were captivated by the idea that water holds the thought forms (intention) put into it. Nobody can remember and chart the thought process which finally ended up in a group decision that day to make a set of chakra essences in a member’s quartz crystal singing bowls. It had not been pre-planned in any way and seemed rather like a ‘happening.’ So the first sound essences I was involved in making, was actually a group effort. But it planted a seed inside my head.

The seed took root and started to grow. I have been interested in sound for several years. Suddenly I saw the potential for making sound essences using quartz crystal singing bowls to provide the sound and my flowers to provide the energy.


A month later I was in a bookshop in Arizona. I picked up a book on sound by Jonathan Goldman. I opened it at random and started to read. It said that the vowel sound for the heart is ‘ah.’ This is what everybody says when they are emotionally touched by something. Suddenly I ‘knew,’ that the bowl I needed to buy to make my essences in, had to be a clear, heart chakra bowl that sounded the note F. Later I realised the heart chakra has a special significance as it is the bridge between the three lower physical chakras and the three higher spiritual ones. Once home I found the bowl I needed. She is called ‘Emily’.

Throughout 2005 I made sound essences from the flowers in our garden. At this stage I had no real idea what I was going to do with them. Fiona and I met at various points during the year. We even made some sprays together using flowers from the garden but no oils were added.


I read everything I could on the subject of sound and came to the conclusion that it would assist in the healing process. Fiona and I experimented a bit more with flower essences and we began to add essential oils as well. We put them in spray bottles.

I reached a point where I was so hooked into sound healing that there was no going back and the only way forward seemed to be to start a small business. This seemed a somewhat ridiculous idea at one level, as Fran and I are both retired. We decided we needed at least one other partner who was younger, had a different set of skills and an input of cash. Enter Fiona.

Our first consideration was what exactly were we going to make. Although I had many sounded flower essences already made and ideas for others, we decided to begin creating space sprays. The reasons for this particular choice were that we can physically make them ourselves (unlike essences which require licensed premises) and that they have a wide market. Virtually anyone with a space of any kind can use a spray.