Sound Essences
unleashing the universal healing power of sound

Space Sprays

We believe our space sprays are very special. The flower essences we use are made by Jenny from the Springlea garden, created to promote healing. Lakeland willow water is sourced and bottled locally. It contains salicin from the white willow which once grew extensively in the area. The essential oils, many of which are organic, are carefully chosen to enhance the healing intention of each spray.

Sound, the most vital component of the sprays, is added when the quartz singing bowl is sounded as part of the making process.

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  • t_rainbows

    100 Rainbows Space Spray


    If it's a grey day outside or you feel grey and dull on the inside then colour can restore your cheerfulness. Connect with the colours of the rainbow by using this spray.

  • t_a_sense

    A Sense of Community Space Spray


    Many of us have lost, or never had any connections to communities. This creates a sense of isolation and loss. The intention of this spray is to re-awaken our awareness of the need for communities both large and small.

  • t_Ancient_Wisdom

    Ancient Wisdom Space Spray


    Do you wish to tap into the ancient knowledge, wisdom and civilisations of our ancestors? Use this spray to access these ancient resources and benefit the here and now.

  • t_Angels

    Angels & Archangels Space Spray


    Sometimes we need help beyond the physical dimension. Angels, Archangels, Nature Spirits and Elementals can be called upon to assist us. Use this spray to request their assistance and alert them to your needs.

  • Angels Delight

    Angels Delight


    This spray offers the gift of delight from the angels by connecting with pleasure, joy and satisfaction.

  • t_bearhugs

    Bear Hugs Space Spray


    Bear Hugs are spontaneous, genuine, from the heart, safe and comforting. When you need to be wrapped in a great big hug, spray your space with Bear Hugs. Enjoy.

  • t_bubbles_of_joy

    Bubbles of Joy Space Spray


    Use this spray for joyful connections to the universe. Allow these bubbles of gladness to expand and uplift you. Express your inner smile.

  • t_calm

    Calm Space Spray


    Taking a driving test? Sitting an exam? Going for a job interview? Visting the doctor or dentist? Fear of flying? Overwrought? In all stressful or taxing situations this spray can help induce a state of calm.

  • t_celebration

    Celebration Space Spray


    Use this spray to celebrate all occasions both great and small, from the first snowdrop to a grand wedding. This spray can be used for group bonding and unity and to support shared aims or goals. Celebration encourages us to recognise the changing emotions of the moment.

  • t_clarity

    Clarity Space Spray


    Feeling foggy? Wading through treacle? Head buzzing? Can’t see the wood for the trees? Clarity is the spray for you. Restore light and vision in your life. Spray your space with Clarity.