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  • t_setting_free

    Setting Free Space Spray


    This spray has been designed to help the release of outdated patterns and cycles of behaviour. Let go of your emotional and physical clutter. Live in the present and savour the moment.

  • LowerWorld

    Shamanic Spray Lower World


  • MiddleWorld

    Shamanic Spray Middle World


  • Upperworld

    Shamanic Spray Upper World


  • t_surge

    Surge Space Spray


    Low in energy? Need to get a new idea or a project started? Surge could provide the energy boost you need and help translate your ideas into action. Use this spray to boost energy after long periods working at the computer.

  • t_transition

    Transition Space Spray


    The state of transition is often scary. It is a journey into the unknown and requires lots of energy. Are you just entering puberty or the menopause, experiencing a mid-life crisis, about to retire, begin a new job, get married or move? This spray will help you with the transition process.

  • truly me

    Truly Me


    Are  you hiding your true self from others? Are  your own expectations of yourself realistic or a fantasy?  Do you spend your time pleasing others and living up to their expectations of you? If so maybe it’s time to be who you really are and leading the life you want for yourself.  This spray will help you.

  • t_trust

    Trust Space Spray


    Use this spray to assist with all trust issues. Are you worthy of trust or do you suffer from self-doubt? Can you rely on other people and they on you? Do you believe that you can meet your own needs and that your needs will be met by other people and the Universe?

  • The Sun Shining On Planet Earth



    Struggling to understand yourself or others? Can other people  understand you?  Are you finding new information difficult to process.  Then this spray will help with all these issues.

  • t_unity

    Unity Space Spray


    Unity is about connection and sometimes a need for re-connection. It creates a sense of ‘oneness’.

    On a practical level, Unity comes from staying in touch with friends, family and our cultural roots.

    At the other end of the scale, the Unity spray connects us with the great Creator and within us establishes a sense of belonging to ‘All That Is’.