Sound Essences
unleashing the universal healing power of sound


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  • t_get_a_grip

    Get a Grip Space Spray


    Use this spray in circumstances which push you to the edge, where people press your buttons, or where you feel overwhelmed by life in general. Also good for times when you need to grasp the essence of new concepts or ideas.

  • t_harmony

    Harmony of Love Space Spray


    This spray connects with all aspects of love. It brings, or restores soothing harmony to people, animals, buildings, spaces and situations, where energies of disharmony, discord or angst currently exist.

  • t_surge

    Surge Space Spray


    Low in energy? Need to get a new idea or a project started? Surge could provide the energy boost you need and help translate your ideas into action. Use this spray to boost energy after long periods working at the computer.

  • energy03

    Yellow Energy Spray


    For issues with will-power, ego and balance.