Sound Essences
unleashing the universal healing power of sound


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  • t_Ancient_Wisdom

    Ancient Wisdom Space Spray


    Do you wish to tap into the ancient knowledge, wisdom and civilisations of our ancestors? Use this spray to access these ancient resources and benefit the here and now.

  • t_bubbles_of_joy

    Bubbles of Joy Space Spray


    Use this spray for joyful connections to the universe. Allow these bubbles of gladness to expand and uplift you. Express your inner smile.

  • Gold Frankincense and Myrrh

    Gold Frankincense and Myrrh


    These three gifts from the Divine encourage spiritual growth by connecting with the spiritual realm and assisting healing.

  • t_unconditional_love

    Love Space Spray


    This spray can connect you with amazing boundless love which is freely given, is non judgmental, and has no hidden agendas.

  • Mary Magdalene

    Mary Magdalene


    Sadly the role and character of Mary Magdalene has deliberately misrepresented for over 2000 years.  Mary Magdalene personifies purity of spirit and sacred feminine energy which was the perfect energetic balance for the sacred masculine energy of Yesua (Jesus). Use this spray if you wish to connect with either or both of these attributes.

  • t_open_heart

    Open Heart Space Spray


    Open Heart is a spray for each one of us. We need an open heart to relate and respond to each other and our amazing planet. This spray harmonises and balances the masculine and feminine energies within each one of us. If you want to be wowed by the magic, joy and mystery of creation, Open Heart is the link.

  • t_trust

    Trust Space Spray


    Use this spray to assist with all trust issues. Are you worthy of trust or do you suffer from self-doubt? Can you rely on other people and they on you? Do you believe that you can meet your own needs and that your needs will be met by other people and the Universe?

  • t_unity

    Unity Space Spray


    Unity is about connection and sometimes a need for re-connection. It creates a sense of ‘oneness’.

    On a practical level, Unity comes from staying in touch with friends, family and our cultural roots.

    At the other end of the scale, the Unity spray connects us with the great Creator and within us establishes a sense of belonging to ‘All That Is’.

  • t_a_sense

    Working with Others Space Spray


    Being able to work positively and creatively with others, is a huge bonus in life, whether they are: family, friends, partners, colleagues or the community.

    This spray will help to establish shared aims, objectives and everyone pulling equally in the same direction.

  • energy01

    Red Energy Spray


    For issues with survival, safety and earth connections.