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    Awakening the Chakras Through a Journey of Self-Discovery


    We would definitely recommend you read this book if:-

    • You are considering buying any or all of the 7 energy sprays
    • You wish to balance and activate any or all of your chakras (energy centres)
    • You are interested in your own personal spiritual development or that of the author of this book.

    The 7 energy sprays are very special. Each one relates to one of the 7  chakras in the human body.  This book tells the fascinating story of the sprays’ creation, which involved the author and her partner visiting 7 pre-christian sacred sites in Spain, France and Scotland.  The energy of each site was collected and added to the appropriate spray.   The physical journey was both exciting and challenging.  Read this book to help you to understand the magik and power in each of these sprays.

  • t_Finding_Your_Voice

    Finding Your Voice Space Spray


    Having trouble expressing yourself and explaining your needs? Are your ideas ignored or dismissed? Have you been taught to keep quiet or told to shut up? Do you belong to a group of people who are misrepresented or have no voice? If you want to be heard use this spray.

  • t_free_spirit

    Free Spirit Space Spray


    Is the weight of the world on your shoulders? Do you feel burdened by responsibilities? Are you trapped by life? Forget the ‘oughts’ and ‘shoulds’. Use this spray to liberate your spirit and let it soar.

  • t_just_be

    Just Be Space Spray


    Use this spray to stand firm and not be swayed. Accept yourself and celebrate who you are. Take time out to connect with the point of stillness.

  • t_meditation

    Meditation Space Spray


    Use this spray to create a serene space, to help still the mind and focus on the now.