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100 Rainbows Space Spray


If it's a grey day outside or you feel grey and dull on the inside then colour can restore your cheerfulness. Connect with the colours of the rainbow by using this spray.

Product Description

100 rainbows allows in the light of the Universe and can be used to heal the stars and the planets.

It has particular relevance for people who either do not want to be here in the physical dimension or who struggle with feelings of not being fully here energetically. It can assist those who feel adrift, or outcasts in society. Use this spray for people who have lost their actual homes, live abroad or feel they do not fit comfortably into the place where they currently live.

This spray can aid those who have had other lives on different planets to help them settle into the earth’s energies and so feel more at home here on Earth.

100 Rainbows can be used by therapists working with clients where there are issues around other lives or different time and space zones.

Using this spray brings people who prefer to reflect on the past and/or the future firmly into the present day (the NOW)

This spray resonates well with the brow chakra (third eye) and assists clear vision.

It adds vibrancy to colourless, dead spaces.

Ingredients: Lakeland Willow Water and vodka. Essential oils of lavender, yarrow, neroli, lemon, verbena, silver fir, camphor, grapefruit, fennel, mandarin, nutmeg, cubebs and turmeric. Vibrational essences of daffodil and calendula.

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