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A Sense of Community Space Spray


Many of us have lost, or never had any connections to communities. This creates a sense of isolation and loss. The intention of this spray is to re-awaken our awareness of the need for communities both large and small.

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Product Description

This spray has been created to re-awaken and foster a sense of community in all of us. Beginning with the family it stretches out embracing all of mankind. This spray re-connects us to the benefits of belonging to, and working with, groups of people who share common aims and aspirations.

Ingredients: Lakeland Willow Water, vodka, essential oils of May Chang, ylang ylang, lavender, Melissa, thyme, sesame, myrtle and vanilla. Vibrational essences of hyacinth, anemone, yew, witch hazel, xmas rose, cosmos, chestnut, gorse, pine, elm, rowan, Beta, Celebration and Finding Your Voice.

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