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Ancient Wisdom Space Spray


Do you wish to tap into the ancient knowledge, wisdom and civilisations of our ancestors? Use this spray to access these ancient resources and benefit the here and now.

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Product Description

In making this spray we have consciously connected with our ancestors and the knowledge, wisdom and skills they have to offer us today. This includes knowledge which has been lost and/or buried through time.  Use this spray to access these resources to benefit your life NOW.

Ingredients:  Lakeland Willow, Woodland and Chalice Well Waters, vodka, essential oils of opopanax, myrtle, khella, Sichuan pepper, tea tree and silver fir. Vibrational essences of tulip, aloe vera, snowdrop, yew berry, heather, tree peony, cherry, Reiki, stone circle, dolphins, open heart, Deva and Christ consciousness.

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