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Angels & Archangels Space Spray


Sometimes we need help beyond the physical dimension. Angels, Archangels, Nature Spirits and Elementals can be called upon to assist us. Use this spray to request their assistance and alert them to your needs.

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Product Description

This spray has a connection to hierarchy but not in the traditional sense of ‘ranking’ and all the accompanying judgements of above and below. This hierarchy is energetic and relates to our connection with Oneness. As we move forward in knowledge and awareness, each of us on our own particular journey, we are assisted by those on the next step and, we in turn, assist those still developing in consciousness who walk behind.

On a practical level this spray can work on the following:

  • within organisations to support clear communication, acceptance and understanding at group level
  • to help with feelings of isolation and abandonment, in both people and animals.
  • in any situation involving bullying or being bullied
  • for all issues involving power control
  • for unexplained childhood fears, for any child who need nightlights or doors left open
  • in any situation of grief, loss and shock.


Ingredients: Lakeland Willow Water and vodka. Essential oils of lemon, spikenard, May chang, vanilla, lavender, grapefruit, camphor, frankincense, and hyssop. Vibrational essences of lavender, sweet pea, calendula, devas and Christ consciousness.


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