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Bear Hugs Space Spray


Bear Hugs are spontaneous, genuine, from the heart, safe and comforting. When you need to be wrapped in a great big hug, spray your space with Bear Hugs. Enjoy.

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Product Description

For people of all ages, a bear hug is all-embracing, comforting and totally safe.

Bear Hugs is for those of us who are ‘tactile reserved’ and either can’t touch others or don’t know how to.

It is useful for people who live alone and receive very little or no physical contact.

This spray helps children frightened by being by themselves, in the dark or in new scary situations.

Ingredients: Lakeland Willow Water and vodka. Essential oils of yarrow, lemon thyme, tulsi, Corsican pine and wheatgerm. Vibrational essences of cosmos and lavender.

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