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Bubbles of Joy Space Spray


Use this spray for joyful connections to the universe. Allow these bubbles of gladness to expand and uplift you. Express your inner smile.

Product Description

This spray was created to bring lightness and joy to any situation, for lightening up grey days and humourless people who get too serious about things. Bubbles of Joy is a great antidote to feelings of anger, spite and frustration and can be especially useful for children (and adults) having tantrums. Use it when feeling low and depressed to raise your spirits. This spray can connect you to laughter and joy at home, at work and at play.

Ingredients: Lakeland Willow Water and vodka. Essential oils of may change, hyssop, nutmeg and thyme. Vibrational essences of tulip, pink heather, chrysanthemum, daffodil, periwinkle, hellebore and lavender.

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