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Darkness Within and Without


A personal journey to investigate the qualities of darkness both within the author and also in the physical world.

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Product Description

In 2007 inside Chartres cathedral, Jenny first experienced an amazing darkness within the building. Back home she decided she wanted to further investigate the qualities of darkness both within herself and also in the physical world.

Consequently Jenny enrolled on a Darkness Visible course at the Sacred Trust in Dorset. What she “saw” while she wore a blindfold for three days was truly amazing. It included visits to other worlds, a trip to the heavens and an encounter with a tree spirit.

But back home once more, the darkness experience continued, until several days later she was sent to a psychiatric unit while her brain attempted to right itself. Here Jenny experienced totally inappropriate treatment and such a lack of care for all the patients that she made a formal complaint to the Mental Health Trust.

This book is a detailed record of Jenny’s exploration of darkness within herself and also in the world outside. Despite the traumas, she managed to keep her sense of humour, maintain a sense of proportion and act with integrity in very difficult circumstances.

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