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Darkness Within and Without


The physical world offers us various opportunities to experience dualities such as: truth and lies, loved and unloved, generosity and meanness.

However, both parts of one duality that of light and darkness, are often overlooked or ignored.

Students of spiritual development while fervently working with the light within and in the world around them, may well ignore the darkness also within and without.

When you enter Chartres Cathedral in France, the darkness of an amazing quality enfolds and protects you.  This is not an accident but a deliberate aspect of the construction of the building.  It is a clear message that darkness too has a place in spiritual development.

This book is an account of Jenny’s personal exploration of darkness, both within herself and in the world outside.  While wearing a blindfold for three days she encountered various amazing qualities of darkness and an ability to be in two worlds at once.

To find out more, read the book.

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