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Finding Your Voice Space Spray


Having trouble expressing yourself and explaining your needs? Are your ideas ignored or dismissed? Have you been taught to keep quiet or told to shut up? Do you belong to a group of people who are misrepresented or have no voice? If you want to be heard use this spray.

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Product Description

There are many people in the world who feel they do not have a voice.  This does not mean that they cannot physically speak.  They can.  It means that  they do not speak their inner truth, they cannot articulate how they really feel or if they do speak out, what they say is actually ignored. Failure to be heard causes them to feel ineffectual with the accompanying sense of powerlessness.  If any of this applies to you then maybe you really should consider using this spray.

Many people say they can’t or won’t sing. People who have no trouble at all with speaking may have a real struggle to sing. Real singing comes from the heart.  This is why for many people it is really difficult.  Either they are not in touch with their heart or the exact opposite applies. Being in touch with your heart makes you feel very exposed.  It’s baring your soul somehow.  I know this is true because I (Jenny) have singing lessons.  Sometimes the words are so poignant, personally meaningful and heart centred that I struggle to sing at all.

Singing then is finding the inner voice, the key to the soul and this is what I have tried to capture in this spray.  How have I done it?  I took my crystal singing bowl to my singing teacher’s house, poured in some Willow water and left it in the room where she gives lessons, for the whole day.  I did this to capture the energy of each singer attempting to find his or her inner voice and assuming each singer would be at a different place on his or her inner voice journey.

Ingredients: Lakeland Willow Water and vodka. Essential oils of silver fir, thyme, bergamot, lemon grass, lemon thyme and tulsi. Vibrational essences of daffodil, calendula, aster, sweet pea, verbena and anemone. Finding Your Voice sound essence.

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