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Free Spirit Space Spray


Is the weight of the world on your shoulders? Do you feel burdened by responsibilities? Are you trapped by life? Forget the ‘oughts’ and ‘shoulds’. Use this spray to liberate your spirit and let it soar.

Product Description

As Springlea is next to a farm, we are very animal conscious.  At the end of October 2005 the cows went inside for winter. One day we noticed a young heifer all alone in the field, clearly an escapee. We expected the farmer to take it back in but all attempts to do this failed miserably. We named the animal Free Spirit and free in spirit it certainly was, acting like an individual with a will of its own, rather than a herd animal. We watched it on a daily basis and it seemed to watch us. One day Jenny decided that she wanted to catch the heifer’s energy. Perhaps a few hairs from its tail would do the trick?  The farmer’s wife looked at Jenny with a mixture of puzzlement and sympathy!

Near Christmas, after a cold snap, Free Spirit finally decided to go inside. Even then she chose to join the young bulls rather than her mother and peer group. A few weeks later the hairs from Free Spirits tail arrived in a white envelope. Her energy is captured in the Free Spirit sound essence (currently unavailable for sale) which is the key ingredient in the spray.

So if the energy of a Free Spirit appeals to you and if:

  • you desire to be truly you
  • you are sick of following the herd
  • you to want to do things your way
  • you have a pioneering spirit and a sense of adventure or
  • you wish to go with the flow

this spray could well be the one for you.

Ingredients: Lakeland Willow Water and vodka. Essential oils of camphor, grapefruit, khella, bergamot, neroli, tea tree, juniper, curry plant and lavender. Free Spirit sound essence.

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