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Fun and Delight Space Spray


For children of all ages. Spray your space. Let your hair down, jump for joy, be spontaneous, give yourself time to play. Have fun and let yourself go.

Product Description

Whenever we make this spray our hearts are lightened and quite often we end up in hysterical laughter.

This spray is all about play, playfulness and lightening up. It is for both children and adults who are serious, shy, reserved and don’t like joining in.

In any situation which is bogged down by seriousness and heavy energy, this spray can be used to great effect.

It enables us to embrace the natural ebbs and flows in our lives.

Spraying Fun and Delight adds sunshine and happiness so it can be used at parties or any other light-hearted social gathering, especially involving dancing. It promotes laughter, an excellent medicine, and a sense of playfulness.

This spray allows us to connect with our inner child.

It can bring in a sense of rejuvenation and help redress tired or depleted energy.

Fun and Delight can promote movement in the base chakra and repair damage to the coccyx either through an accident or a fall.


Ingredients: Lakeland Willow Water and vodka. Essential oils of Melissa, rose geranium, patchouli, Cretan savoury and lavender. Vibrational essences of cosmos, and Reiki.

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