Sound Essences
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Reiki Space Spray


Reiki can be experienced as either hands on or as distant healing.  By combining Reiki energy with sound, we have created a spray for regular use.  Alternatively it can be used in emergencies, accidents or states of shock.

Product Description

The word ‘Reiki’ is Japanese and literally means Universal Life Force Energy. This is part of the energy of the Universe which assists with healing.

The idea of capturing the Reiki energy in water arose out of need. Jenny felt some clients who came for hands-on healing needed the Reiki energy between treatments. She suddenly had the idea of transferring the Reiki energy to water by holding her hands over the singing bowl.

If you are only going to buy one spray this is it. Reiki spray can be used in virtually any situation where healing, calming and a change of energy is required. It can be used for people, plants and animals as well as being used as a room spray.

Ingredients: Lakeland Willow Water and vodka. Essential oils of rose absolute, lemon, vanilla, myrrh and chamomile maroc. Vibrational essences of Reiki and leek.

Additional Information