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Setting Free Space Spray


This spray has been designed to help the release of outdated patterns and cycles of behaviour. Let go of your emotional and physical clutter. Live in the present and savour the moment.

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Product Description

Just as the dandelion gently allows its seeds to drift away when the time is right, so Setting Free can help us gently let go of our worries.

Use Setting Free to release old patterns of behaviour and outdated emotional reactions. It releases negativity and the strings that hold us down.

If you are held back or held down by the expectation or aspirations of others, this spray can free up the energetic bonds which stifle your development.

Free yourself to float gently on the breeze, only coming to rest where the conditions are right for new growth.

Ingredients: Lakeland Willow Water and vodka. Essential oils of fennel, thyme, bergamot, frankincense, nutmeg and curry plant. Vibrational essences of lavender and sweet pea.

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