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Surge Space Spray


Low in energy? Need to get a new idea or a project started? Surge could provide the energy boost you need and help translate your ideas into action. Use this spray to boost energy after long periods working at the computer.

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Product Description

Life is a series of energy flows and surges. If there is a tidal flow of energy within the body Surge will help balance the flow. This spray has a particular affinity for the physical body.

  • It helps with water retention, dehydration, hydrocephalus and balances the flow of the cerebral-spinal fluid.
  • Spray after concussion where there is a build up of fluid.
  • Helpful for girls who find menstruation distasteful.
  • Reduces the need for salt in the diet.
  • Used daily Surge can assist with the need/desire to take drugs.
  • Good for rejuvenating tired eyes after long periods of working on the computer

Ingredients: Lakeland Willow Water and vodka. Essential oils of juniper berry, bay, nutmeg and lime. Vibrational essences of lavender and cosmos.

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