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Transition Space Spray


The state of transition is often scary. It is a journey into the unknown and requires lots of energy. Are you just entering puberty or the menopause, experiencing a mid-life crisis, about to retire, begin a new job, get married or move? This spray will help you with the transition process.

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Product Description

The state of transition, moving from the known to the unknown, from comfort to the uncomfortable, from familiar to unfamiliar, from safety into possible danger, fills us with anxiety and stress. This spray gives us the energy and strength to move out of our comfort zones into new and unfamiliar areas or territories. Use this spray to celebrate successful transitions of all kinds.

Ingredients:  Lakeland Willow Water, vodka, essential oils of Sichuan pepper and juniper berry. Vibrational essences of yew berry, periwinkle, nicotiana, verbena, Maddy’s Hair, Reiki and beta.

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