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Understanding Space Spray


Do you struggle to understand aspects of yourself and others? Do you have a clear picture of how the Universe works? Use this spray to promote understanding on all these different levels.

Product Description

This spray helps understanding on all levels, both with individuals or groups. It

  • helps people accept new ideas and grasp difficult concepts
  • is good for children struggling with homework.
  • helps break down complex problems into manageable, bite-sized pieces
  • enables people to reflect on the wider picture when they become preoccupied with a single issue or aspect of a problem
  • encourages the integration of new people in the workplace
  • allows us to examine the problem as a whole, in an impartial manner, without being caught up in our own individual issues and prejudices
  • enables us to fully comprehend and engage with greater cosmic truths.

Ingredients: Lakeland Willow Water and vodka. Essential oils of lavender and thyme. Vibrational essences of tulip, Christmas rose, anemone blanda and lavender.

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