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Uplifting Space Spray


Too many cares? Ground down? Do you feel tired, heavy or low-spirited? Spray uplifting to give you a boost, raise your spirits and get back on track.

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Product Description

Uplifting is a way of raising levels of energy and awareness to allow broader insights to become available.

It helps individuals who are stuck in a rut and the associated depression which comes with it. Uplifting gives them a lift to enable them to see the bigger picture and the energy needed to facilitate change.

This spray can help people who are afraid of flying or heights. It helps them feel calm and supported while in the air.

Uplifting can assist us to connect with higher energy levels in the astral plane. It can help to clear the mind and thus create more room for thoughts to flow.

It stimulates brain function, allowing clear thinking and helps remove ideas and energy which are no longer effective or appropriate.

On a physical level, this spray is beneficial in straightening the spine, elongating the neck and stretching the body. It encourages upward movement and helps the opening of the shoulders enabling breath to be drawn in more deeply.

Ingredients: Lakeland Willow Water and vodka. Essential oils of lemon thyme, lavender, St. John’s wort and silver fir. Vibrational essences of calendula, aster, sun king and Reiki

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