Sound Essences
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  • t_concentration

    Concentration Space Spray


    Lack of focus? No staying power? Easily distracted? Head in the clouds? Short on motivation? Need to absorb and retain information? A daydreamer? Concentration can help.

  • Angels Delight

    Connecting with Angels


    Angels are unseen helpers and guardians with our interests at heart.  Using this spray will help you to connect with their amazing gifts and energies.

  • darkness book front

    Darkness Within and Without


    The physical world offers us various opportunities to experience dualities such as: truth and lies, loved and unloved, generosity and meanness.

    However, both parts of one duality that of light and darkness, are often overlooked or ignored.

    Students of spiritual development while fervently working with the light within and in the world around them, may well ignore the darkness also within and without.

    When you enter Chartres Cathedral in France, the darkness of an amazing quality enfolds and protects you.  This is not an accident but a deliberate aspect of the construction of the building.  It is a clear message that darkness too has a place in spiritual development.

    This book is an account of Jenny’s personal exploration of darkness, both within herself and in the world outside.  While wearing a blindfold for three days she encountered various amazing qualities of darkness and an ability to be in two worlds at once.

    To find out more, read the book.

  • Energy Spray Set


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  • t_Finding_Your_Voice

    Finding Your Voice Space Spray


    Having trouble expressing yourself and explaining your needs? Are your ideas ignored or dismissed? Have you been taught to keep quiet or told to shut up? Do you belong to a group of people who are misrepresented or have no voice? If you want to be heard use this spray.

  • t_forgiveness

    Forgiveness Space Spray


    Forgiveness comes from the heart centre and is linked to unconditional love and compassion. But forgiveness does not just relate to other people, it is also about learning to forgive ourselves.

  • t_free_spirit

    Free Spirit Space Spray


    Is the weight of the world on your shoulders? Do you feel burdened by responsibilities? Are you trapped by life? Forget the ‘oughts’ and ‘shoulds’. Use this spray to liberate your spirit and let it soar.

  • t_fun_and_delight

    Fun and Delight Space Spray


    For children of all ages. Spray your space. Let your hair down, jump for joy, be spontaneous, give yourself time to play. Have fun and let yourself go.

  • t_get_a_grip

    Get a Grip Space Spray


    Use this spray in circumstances which push you to the edge, where people press your buttons, or where you feel overwhelmed by life.  Get a grip is also useful when you need to grasp new concepts or ideas.

  • t_going_beyond

    Going Beyond Space Spray


    Going Beyond is all about extending ourselves and our boundaries. This spray enables us to break out of our comfort zones and the patterns which hold us back. Use Going Beyond to discard limiting belief systems, connect with the Divine and recognise that All is One.