Sound Essences
unleashing the universal healing power of sound


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  • t_white_dove

    Peace and Harmony Space Spray


    Out of sorts? Feeling fractious? Is there discord in your life? This spray can bring an element of tranquillity and calm into your space.

  • t_reiki

    Reiki Space Spray


    Reiki is most commonly experienced as hands on healing. We have combined this energy with the magical effects of sound to create a spray for everyday situations. This spray is especially useful for shock and in emergencies.

  • t_safe_and_sound

    Safe and Sound Space Spray


    This spray has been designed to promote a feeling of complete safety. Use this spray to create a safe haven. Pull up the drawbridge, unwind, relax and just be!

  • t_setting_free

    Setting Free Space Spray


    This spray has been designed to help the release of outdated patterns and cycles of behaviour. Let go of your emotional and physical clutter. Live in the present and savour the moment.

  • t_surge

    Surge Space Spray


    Low in energy? Need to get a new idea or a project started? Surge could provide the energy boost you need and help translate your ideas into action. Use this spray to boost energy after long periods working at the computer.

  • t_transition

    Transition Space Spray


    The state of transition is often scary. It is a journey into the unknown and requires lots of energy. Are you just entering puberty or the menopause, experiencing a mid-life crisis, about to retire, begin a new job, get married or move? This spray will help you with the transition process.

  • t_trust

    Trust Space Spray


    Use this spray to assist with all trust issues. Are you worthy of trust or do you suffer from self-doubt? Can you rely on other people and they on you? Do you believe that you can meet your own needs and that your needs will be met by other people and the Universe?

  • t_truth

    Truth Space Spray


    Speaking the truth is no easy task. It can make us unpopular, get us into trouble, lose us friends and create adversaries. This spray helps us connect to the Divine Truth so that we speak fearlessly, wisely, and with love, through connecting with our own throat and heart centres.

  • t_unconditional_love

    Unconditional Love Space Spray


    Unconditional love is freely given no matter what. It has no agenda or expectation. It is infinite, cannot be measured and is totally non-judgemental. Use this spray to connect with the amazing energy of unconditional love.

  • t_understanding

    Understanding Space Spray


    Do you struggle to understand aspects of yourself and others? Do you have a clear picture of how the Universe works? Use this spray to promote understanding on all these different levels.