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Going Beyond Space Spray


Going Beyond is all about extending ourselves and our boundaries. This spray enables us to break out of our comfort zones and the patterns which hold us back. Use Going Beyond to discard limiting belief systems, connect with the Divine and recognise that All is One.

Product Description

This spray was originally made especially for Jenny, she used it regularly for the seven months of her inner chakra journey and also at the seven sacred sites where she collected the energy for the new chakra sprays.

Often we limit ourselves due to lack of confidence in our own abilities or through other people’s expectations of us. We may have absorbed belief systems which limit our attitudes, behaviour and thinking. Going Beyond by-passes the limiting factors in our life and enables us to expand into unknown zones.

Ingredients:  Lakeland Willow Water, vodka, essential oils of hyssop, camphor, silver fir, cubebs, yarrow, costus root, bergamot, red mandarin, lavender and lemon grass. Vibrational essences of sun king and anemone blanda.

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