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Meditation Space Spray


Use this spray to create a serene space, to help still the mind and focus on the now.

Product Description

One of the main aims of this spray is to assist with the meditation process, by calming and centering the focus of the mind. This enables the individual to connect with the source of knowing and to recognise the truth of being oneself.

Meditation does have other uses however by:-

  • acting as a calming agent and clearing negative emotions such as anger
  • aiding individuals on their own personal journey of self awareness and self discovery
  • clearing the internal clutter of the mind and stilling the inner voice to allow a state of balance
  • bringing the emotional see-saw to a position of rest to allow the individual to recognise his/her position from an observer’s point of view
  • creating the space for individuals to hear their own truth untainted by differing opinions or other forms of energy

This spray has particular relevance for young peoples aged approximately 12 – 18 struggling to find their own inner truth and calm, having been bombarded with the ceaseless chatter of their elders.

Ingredients: Lakeland Willow Water and vodka. Essential oils of lavender, tea tree, thyme and rosemary. Vibrational essences of anemone and calendula.

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