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New Life Space Spray


This spray celebrates the magic of new life and the re-awakening of dormant potential. Wonder at the softness and the power of emerging energy.

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Product Description

This spray can support the fragility and vulnerability of the new born. This can equally apply to projects and ideas as well as people, animals and plants.

If we are in a rut this spray can give us the energy boost we need to raise ourselves up and propel ourselves forwards. It can help individuals to break out of the constraints which have been holding them back, allowing them to move forward either personally, in their relationships or their careers. New Life activates the creative spark of genius within each one of us and awakens the desire to live at our highest potential.

In the physical body new Life assists with ankle support, the legs and the spine.

Ingredients: Lakeland Willow Water and vodka. Essential oils of fennel and grapefruit. Vibrational essences of anemone, calendula, daffodil, doroniucum, snowdrop, sweet pea, periwinkle, primrose and hellebore.

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