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Unity Space Spray


Unity is about connection and sometimes a need for re-connection. It creates a sense of ‘oneness’.

On a practical level, Unity comes from staying in touch with friends, family and our cultural roots.

At the other end of the scale, the Unity spray connects us with the great Creator and within us establishes a sense of belonging to ‘All That Is’.

Product Description

A need for unity exists at various levels. Ultimately it is our connection with the Divine and knowing we are all One.

Unity symbolises groups of people working co-operatively to achieve a common goal. Sometimes unity may require us to put our personal needs and desires on hold in the interests of the common good. This spray is particularly useful when a group first comes together to help in the bonding process.

Ingredients:  Lakeland Willow water, vodka, essential oils of lavender, frankincense, poplar, swamp paperbark, ylang ylang, silver fir, hemlock, cypress, coconut, yarrow, vanilla and violet leaf. Vibrational essences of yew, doronicum, heather, geranium, primrose, mahonia, apple, bluebell, Finding Your Voice and deva.

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